Absolute Pastured Poultry

Information for 2014

  What is “pastured” NATURALLY RAISED CHICKEN!?!

1.) Buy Local, Eat Better!

Local farm grown - Raised on green pastures. Sustainable agriculture methods on pastures free from toxic, commonly used farm chemicals for many years! 

2.) Chickens given No animal based byproducts.

No antibiotics are necessary with pasture based chicken!! Chickens grow on green pasture - bugs, worms, grass and other nutritious green living things are offered anew each day!

3.) Family farm processing - humane treatment – Unlike mass production's low-cost factory methods! 

4.) Consistently rated in comparison as being a “Gourmet Quality” chicken. This is simply not possible with any factory production method or available at any time, in any store! 

5.) Your chickens are raised to your specifications! Whole or cut into parts. Custom meat model. Buy an entire year's supply if you wish! Enable your family to eat healthier, better quality, more nutrient dense chicken!

Testimonials from our customers:  

“sweetest, most delicious chicken that I have ever eaten!” 

“…A superior chicken... no seasoning needed except salt and pepper.”

“I am a thoroughly happy camper! I really enjoyed your chicken and cannot wait to taste another bite.“

“Delicious - Meaty, moist, and full of flavor without being fatty!”

"I picked up chickens from you a few weeks ago for the first time. They were fantastic.  It was the tastiest chicken I've had in a very long time.  The first bite had me exclaiming, "wow, this tastes like chicken!"  As odd as that sounds, I realized that the "chicken" we've been buying from the store didn't taste like anything anymore.  We were so used to it that we didn't even notice that we had to douse it in all kinds of marinades to give it any kind of flavor."


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We look forward to each growing season and to more families looking for a healthier, better way. 

Sustainable agriculture is a way of raising food that is healthier for consumers, does not harm the environment, is more humane for animals, respects our human relationships, encourages a fairer reward to the farmer, and supports and enhances individuals, families and communities.

Many are becoming aware of the issues and are making a choice for higher value, higher quality, "greener" and healthier food through small locally based family farms that practice sustainable agriculture.